As the COVID-19 made its way across the globe, disparities in access to resources grew. Geography, identity, and histories of inequity and injustice made more visible the ways in which some people are disproportionately affected by devastating global events.


Many people who were disproportionately affected by the pandemic and others that serve those populations responded with creativity. Their creative spirits tell stories of loss, of anger, of sorrow, of generosity, of resilience, and of personal and social journeys that open paths for equity and social justice. Their work illustrates where the fault lines lie as they express themselves as acts of agency.


Use the camera on your mobile device or select 'Scan and Find' to read QR codes placed throughout the gallery space. Each page hosts the Artist's Label along with an array of information ranging from additional works, social media links, image descriptions, and audio descriptions. In addition to Alt Text Descriptions, this web app hosts five language options: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, and French. To change the language, navigate to Settings and choose from the options listed.