Jasmine Surreal

Works on Display

  • <p>An acrylic painting on canvas depicting a ghost and other creatures against a bright blue<br>background. The ghost in the center is white and wears a blue suit jacket, red shirt, white tie,<br>and blue pants. Its hands are placed in front of its worried face, surrounded by countless letters and bills. To the left of the ghost is a green creature with a content facial expression and pink bows on either side of its head, wearing pink and holding two pink objects, similar to pompoms. To the right of the ghost is a brown creature with a black mustache and content facial expression, wearing a red jacket, blue shirt, and red tie. In the top left corner is a yellow moon with a content expression and in the top right is a yellow sun with a content expression.</p>
  • <p>An acrylic painting on canvas. To the left is a white ghost with big eyes, wearing red<br>headphones plugged into a red music player that rests at its side. The ghost is holding white<br>paint in one of its hands, has another white paint pouring on its head, and is holding a<br>paintbrush in its other hand, painting a portrait of another ghost wearing renaissance era<br>clothing. A paint palette rests on the waved gray and white ground. On the blue and purple wall is another white ghost with a black mustache and black top hat. Behind the easel and canvas the ghost is painting on is a green lamp with a smaller ghost on it.</p>

Jasmine Surreal, England, UK Acrylic on CanvasĀ 


A Ghost Paints Its Ancestor

Why do ghosts just have to be uniform, white, sheet-like creatures? Ghosts are emblems of both the past and today's worries about life-threatening sickness. These pieces are both about worries and stress stemming from the pandemic. When creating these works, the features of the pandemic that I reflected on were isolation, worries, solitude, and the fear of death. I have a high risk of COVID-19 due to long-term health issues, so only the ending of the pandemic will help get rid of my worries.